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What is Library Chef?

Library Chef offers a dynamic platform featuring live kitchen skills classes, a comprehensive video library, replays, community engagement, and full branding options. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of organizations and public libraries alike, Library Chef provides the tools and resources to elevate your culinary experience, all branded to your organization or library.

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Why Choose Library Chef?

Live Kitchen Skills Classes:

Dive into the culinary world with interactive live cooking sessions led by professional chefs. Whether you're a library patron or part of an organization, these engaging classes will sharpen your skills and ignite your passion for cooking.

On-Demand Video Library

Explore a vast library of instructional cooking videos covering a wide range of cuisines and skill levels. From basic techniques to advanced recipes, our extensive video collection ensures there's something for everyone.

Library Chef's Community

Patrons gain access to a secure, vibrant community for sharing dishes, engaging in discussions, and connecting with food lovers.

Library Chef’s mission is to enrich and unite through food, skills and community, fostering wellness and celebrating cultural diversity.