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Welcome to Library Chef:
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Who We Are

Library Chef, led by Chef Teey, draws from over 38 years of culinary expertise. Established with the goal of making kitchen skills education accessible, our aim is to ensure that the mastery of kitchen skills is within reach for all libraries. Through our platform designed exclusively for libraries, we strive to connect the worlds of kitchen skills and library communities. Our mission is to empower libraries, regardless of size or budget, to engage and inspire their patrons with our innovative kitchen skills education programs.

Let’s talk about how we can help you bring amazing library chef to your community.

Ease Funding Concerns

We understand libraries face financial pressures. Our program offers an affordable way to enhance your library's offerings, attracting more patrons and potential funding opportunities without heavy investment.

Simplify Technology Integration

Our platform is hassle-free, requiring no complex setup. With a simple link, your library gains access to a world of culinary education that's accessible on any device, ensuring you stay relevant in a digital age.

Community Engagement

Boost library visitation and online engagement. Our culinary classes and content are perfect for patrons seeking interactive, educational experiences.

What You'll Get

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Live Culinary Classes

From the basics of kitchen safety to gourmet cuisine, our LIVE sessions cater to all skill levels, led by expert chefs. and the option to rewatch recorded sessions anytime.

Engaging video content

Join interactive Q&A sessions with experienced chefs. Explore kitchen wisdom topics like safety, storage, shopping, and organization. Gain knowledge beyond the kitchen, and enjoy exciting giveaways!

Library Chef's Community

Patrons gain access to a secure, vibrant community for sharing dishes, engaging in discussions, and connecting with food lovers.

Additional Program Features:

Testimonial: Libraries Endorse Chef Teey"

A testimonial from a programming director on their experience with Chef Teey, showcasing the expertise now driving our Library Chef program

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How it works ...

Upon joining the Library Chef program, we’ll craft a customized account featuring your library’s branding. This ensures live culinary sessions appear as though directly hosted by you, enriching community engagement without extra staff effort.

1: Receive Your Library Chef Link

2: Share with Patrons

3: Access Anytime, Anywhere

Marketing Success Toolkit

Boost your program’s visibility with our custom-designed promotional materials, making it easy to engage and excite your patrons.

Library Chef FAQ

Can libraries of all sizes sign up for the program?

Yes, the Library Chef program welcomes libraries of all sizes. However, we maintain a policy of accepting only a limited number of libraries in each state to ensure quality service and resources.

How is this program different from other cooking classes?

Unlike typical cooking classes, we're not just about recipes. We teach skills you'll use for life, empowering you to cook anything. From kitchen safety to savvy shopping and efficient storing and organizing tips for your kitchen and fridge, our program is a complete culinary education that goes beyond the kitchen. Join us for practical, lifelong skills that make a real difference!

Does Library Chef offer in-person sessions?

Absolutely! In addition to our online content, we host in-person culinary sessions with Chef Teey, featuring live demonstrations and interactive cooking activities. These are available to libraries within a 2-hour radius of Morris County. For more details, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

What data do you collect from patrons?

At Library Chef, we deeply value privacy and security. Our platform is designed to be secure and protect user information. We collect only essential data for service improvement and do not share your patrons' data with any third parties. Your trust and confidentiality are paramount to us

How long does the onboarding process take?

We understand everyone is busy, and our onboarding process is designed to be straightforward. You can kickstart the process by  scheduling a call with Chef Teey & Team. Following this, we'll send you an onboarding form, and once you send us the required information and the signed PTO, your custom link will be ready within 48 hours.

Does the platform work on mobile devices?

Yes, our platform is fully functional on all computers and also comes with an app compatible with all phones, allowing you to access it anytime, anywhere.

Limited Registrations

We offer our services to a select number of libraries per state, ensuring personalized attention and an exclusive experience.
Please note, the last day to sign up your library is April 25th.

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Want to Experience library Chef In Person?

Curious about bringing Chef Teey's culinary magic to your library? Discover our exclusive in-person sessions! Engage your community with interactive culinary demonstrations and hands-on cooking experiences, all tailored to your library's needs.

Library Chef Hybrid Experience

Explore Chef Teey's Hybrid Experience, encouraging patrons to come together at their local library and connect live with Chef Teey virtually. It's perfect for libraries wanting to boost in-library attendance through a shared, interactive culinary journey, without the chef being physically present.

Rest easy, knowing that we maintain rigorous monitoring and security measures to ensure a safe and secure environment within the platform. Your patrons can explore with confidence, knowing that their privacy and security are our top priorities